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Murano Software changes the future, expanding the limits of possible.

Since 2003, we have been turning complicated tasks of our customers into understandable and user-friendly software solutions. Our products simplify customers' and their clients' daily routines and also contribute to the development of entire industries.

Murano Software executes projects for US companies. We have dozens of complex web applications in our portfolio, like a high-loaded e-commerce platform for a world-class clothing and accessories network, or a portal for state registration of car deals. The other case we are proud of is the cloud-based document management and the data-storage solution used by more than half of independent insurance agencies in the United States.

Murano Software is headquartered in the US and has development centers worldwide.


To meet the severe requirements of the dynamic software market and exceed the expectations of our customers, we use the trending technologies and development platforms. Our team monitors trends, learns and innovates. That’s how we strive to be one step ahead not only in software products, but also in professional expertise.

And we succeed!

Java, J2EE
MS SQL Server
Ruby on Rails
iOS & Android


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200+ teammates
20+ projects in progress
140+ US customers
10+ offline / online meetups and conferences per quarter
15+ benefits and preferences for office / remote employees
20+ cool and flashy events per year
opportunities for rewarding career and self-perfection


Each of our projects is a challenge to skills, creativity, and ambitions.

Therefore, our team is a living community of professional, creative, and aspirational people. The greatest value of our community is an atmosphere of freedom and ease. Murano creates all the conditions to dive into the task and get out with a brilliant solution.

You can choose an office / remote location and set a work schedule: everyone chooses the most comfortable option for themselves.

Office | Remote

Our offices and workflows are organized according to the Balanced Workspace principle, and we keep it for both work and rest. Murano Software has well-organized workplaces, there are chill zones in the offices. So, you're always welcome to arrange a reboot with a game console (subscribed to game services), table tennis, a sports zone, and a huge board games library!

Depending on the office location, we provide more benefits to our teammates like parking, lunch menu, sports, education reimbursements, etc.


Freedom, creativity, and commitment to excellence are the values preserved by Murano people in all spheres of life. To work for Murano means:

Wellness and healthcare. Depending on the location of our employees, we can suggest extended insurance programs, which include dentistry and travel insurance.

Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle In addition to equipped sports areas in our offices, we reimburse fitness and sports coaching. We also have our own volleyball team and branded sports equipment!

Rock’n’party We love outdoor activities and explosive events. Therefore, our corporate events become legends!

Learn and strengthen skills. Our newcomers are surrounded by care from our mentors from the first day of work: we have a special program for quick and comfortable onboarding. English is a must-have in Murano! Therefore, twice a week we hold free classes of different levels for our foreign teammates. We compensate up to 80% of the cost of personal training for those who need to improve their Hard Skills. For those who want to increase Soft Skills in Murano launched the Talent Management program with internal meetups and participation of experts in various fields of knowledge.

We also cultivate our own expert speakers to participate in key professional events worldwide.


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Rise to the challenges, exceed expectations and be proud of the results of your work.
Burn with pioneering ideas, inspire people around, and create innovative software products.
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